About Overlaps

OVERLAPS is an alternative rock band from North Italy. They hit the stages on the European Tour supporting The Rasmus on their Dark Matters Tour 2018: 27 gigs in 12 different countries in 37 days. A huge experience that earned us a lot of good feedback, especially in Germany. The tour gave us the chance to promote our debut album, released in September the 13th. The album is arranged and produced by Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, Donots, H-Blockx, Stick Men). First single “On Monday” was on charts on Virgin Radio Italy for 6 months. After this success the band was selected to support Joan Thiele on Red Bull Tour Bus in Summer 2016 and Courage My Love (Warner Canada). Meanwhile, the band performed in some local events, festivals like Home Festival (IT) and some gigs in Czech Republic and Austria. The Album just released on September 13th 2018 is a mixture of Alt-Rock, Nu Rock and Electronic influences. The album is about different themes such as the vicious cycle of a fake society that pushes us to live fast without real emotions and values - a toxic and corrupted world, that only the beauty of art can save. The new record will feature 10 incredible songs of a tasty alt rock band with a twisted amalgam of off-killer melodicism and heavy sound, making them undeniably unique, tracklist as follows: 1. Is This Really Love? 2. Right Or Wrong 3. Save me 4. Dreams For Sale 5. On Monday 6. Hang on You 7. Everything Is Broken 8. Countdown 9. Scent Of Rain 10. Vicious Cycle Here some links about what we are: https://www.instagram.com/overlapsofficial/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=095DQcJtrUQ https://www.facebook.com/overlapsmusic/?fref=ts https://play.spotify.com/artist/422HBf4XVfUisbvXKTnm7v https://overlapsmusic.bandcamp.com Contacts: email : info@overlapsmusic.com Manager : Francesca Fadalti - francescafadalti@gmail.com Management: Uac Management - Uk